Elliot & Rebecca // Engaged!

I had so much fun driving down to Warsaw, Indiana to meet Elliot and Rebecca last Saturday and take their engagement photos. I can’t wait for their wedding this September!

I used the above image as their Facebook teaser.

Sometimes out of focus is so good.

Thank you guys for being so awesome and laid back. I can’t wait for you to see all the photos! I’ll be in touch soon (:


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Playing in the Curtains

Sometimes you just have to play in the curtains instead of work.

I got these photos by letting him hide behind the curtain, then lifting it up and snapping a pic while doing something goofy.

After taking photos for a bit, I set my camera down.
Cadence went over and picked it up and brought it to me.
After putting it in my lap he said, “Mah!” (translation: mas, which is ‘more’ in spanish)

He then went over and hid in the curtain for me to come back and lift it up again.

My little boy is getting so old. I still can’t believe he’s almost two. He looks like a kid instead of a baby in the photo above and it actually brings a little tear to my eye.

I remember it like yesterday when my sister told me she was pregnant, and now he’s the goofiest little kid that i always see myself in.

Cadence noticed the flowers on my mom’s nightstand and went over to bring me one. He then brought the other two to his momma (:
We’ve taught him well.


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Mitch and Kate // Engaged

I remember when I first met Katie. I was taking a picture of her and her two brothers for their christmas present to their parents. She told me that day that she wanted me to photograph her wedding someday. Little did I know that years later I actually WOULD be photographing her wedding! I was so excited the moment I heard that Mitch had proposed to Kate. Although their engagement session was a bit chilly, I had such a fun time with them!

I can’t wait for your wedding, you guys.

I used the image above as their Facebook teaser

Thanks for bearing with the cold you guys.
And thanks to my mom for the beautiful blanket she brought me back from Chile that has doubled now as my comforter AND a last minute photo shoot prop.

Stay posted for their wedding this September!


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